What Sunglasses Will Suit You Based on Your Head Shape (Round, Heart, etc.)

What Sunglasses Will Suit You Based on Your Head Shape

Looking for sunglasses that look perfect on your face? Well, we have something that you will find useful. Each person has a specific face type that goes well with certain sunglasses. 

By considering your head shape, you can narrow down your options and quickly find sunglasses that compliment your looks and both look and feel good to wear. 

And hey, choosing the right sunglasses isn't just about looking good (although that's definitely a plus!)It's also about comfort. You want a pair that not only complements your style but also feels like a dream to wear.

This blog is to help you find that amazing pair of sunglasses for all occasions so stay with us till the end.

Here is how you can find the perfect sunglasses based on your head shape

  • Determine Your Face Shape
  • Practical Guide for Perfect Sunglasses for Different Face shapes
  • Sunglasses for Square-Shaped Faces
  • Sunglasses for Heart-Shaped Faces
  • Sunglasses for Oval-Shaped Faces
  • Sunglasses for Oblong/Rectangle Shaped Faces
  • Sunglasses for Diamond Shaped Faces
  • Sunglasses for Round-Shaped Faces
  • How to Choose The Right Sunglasses Color

Determine Your Face Shape

Okay, so the first thing to do before browsing sunglasses randomly is to know what kind of face you have. To do that, you need to learn about the 6 most common face types.

Each of these face types goes well with one or more matching sunglasses styles. So, before you order sunglasses online you need to know your face type. In the next section, we will look at the main features that can help you identify your face type and the sunglasses that will look best with it.

Practical Guide for Perfect Sunglasses for Different Face shapes

Let's dive in and find those sunglasses that are not only stylish but also the perfect match for your face type 

1. XO Habeebti Ice & Dark Green Sunglasses for Square-Shaped Faces

You possess a square face if you have an angular jawline and a hairline that's a bit wider. This type of face has straight sides accompanied by the same width cheekbones, jaw, and forehead.

XO Habeebti Ice & Dark Green Sunglasses

With this face type throw on some round or oval shades and watch the magic happen! You can go with aviators, rounds, or even butterfly sunglasses – the bigger, the better! 

You can also check out the XO habeebti Ice and Dark green. Perfect for square faces and for rocking with any outfit.

2. Visionary Black & Blue Sunglasses for Heart-Shaped Faces

People with this face type have a fairly extended forehead, a prominent square jaw, slightly raised cheekbones, and a thin pointed chin.


Visionary Black & Blue Sunglasses

Go with cat-eye, rimless, butterfly, or aviator sunglasses to complement this face shape.

The Visionary Black & Blue Sunglasses are perfect for this face shape. Pop these bad boys on, and get ready for the ultimate head-turning experience.  

3. Cypher All  Black Sunglasses for Oval-Shaped Faces

You have an oval shape if its length is larger than the width of the cheekbones and the round forehead is larger than the rounded jawline. In this face type there are no sharp angles and the sides are slightly curved.

Cypher All  Black Sunglasses

An ideal sunglasses option in this case is one that covers the face from the cheekbones to the eyebrows. Very huge frames tend to block out the symmetrical features of this face shape which is why they are not a great option in this case.

You can also try the Cypher All  Black Sunglasses with this shape to glorify your oval features. They're all about making a bold statement with those sleek lines and beveled edges.


4. Crystal Beth Army Green Sunglasses for Oblong/Rectangle Shaped Faces

These types of faces are long and narrow and they have fewer angles. These faces are longer than wider and the jaws and cheekbones are almost the same width.

Crystal Beth Army Green Sunglasses

Sunglasses with sharp angles and bold lines tend to sharpen the soft features that are characteristic of a rectangle-shaped face. If you belong to this category, then you can easily rock shield, square, and wayfarer-style sunglasses. 

You can also consider crystal beth army green sunglasses to add edgy and sharp features to your face.


5. Ecru & Sunset Sunglasses for Diamond Shaped Faces

People with this face type have broad cheekbones and narrow foreheads and jawlines. Go with rimless, rectangular or oval frames with gentle curves to complement your high cheekbones. 

Ecru & Sunset Sunglasses

Consider the XO Habeebti Ecru and Sunset sunglasses? They're like highlighters, but for your face. Pair it with any outfit you like the most and get ready to dazzle the onlookers.

6. Iconic Forest Green Sunglasses for Round-Shaped Faces

If you have this kind of face, then it is of the same width and length. People with this face type have the widest cheekbones and hairline and forehead and jaws of similar width.

Iconic Forest Green Sunglasses
Buy rectangular, shield, wrap, or square sunglasses with colorful frames to rock on this pretty face shape.
And check it, have you seen those iconic forest green sunglasses? They're like the cherry on top for your round face, emphasizing those sharp features and giving it a perfect symmetry.

How to Choose The Right Sunglasses Color

Apart from the type of frame, you also need to choose the right color to get the best vibe. Make sure to pick colors that match your skin tone or eye colors if you are going with transparent lenses.

You can choose burgundy, brown, or dark blue sunglasses if you have a pale complexion. For dark complexions, you have a wider choice. You can go with bright red, orange, mahogany tones or even some lighter colors as well.


Finding the right sunglasses isn't just about looking different, it's about enhancing your features and getting that natural balance to your stylish look. Knowing your face shape and the sunglasses that go with it is the only way you can get that perfect style every time you step out.

So, no more randomly picking sunglasses that do your looks more harm than good. Use the information given above and find yourself some cool sunglasses that’ll have you looking and feeling lush, cool, and confident every single day.

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