Vacation Spots to Head to this Summer with Your SWEY Sunglasses

Vacation Spots to Head to this Summer with Your SWEY Sunglasses

Planning for a thrilling summer getaway? Well, what could be better than a trip to some of the best summer vacation spots in Dubai, UAE? With its captivating landscape, rich culture, and iconic architecture there is no shortage of wonders to explore in the region with your loved ones.

But hey, wouldn’t it be cooler to go to these vacation spots with your favorite sunglasses for taking those crazy selfies and fun group photos? It sure would be. So, take out your favorite SWEY sunglasses and get ready to explore some of the wildest and most fun vacation spots in Dubai.

But what places to raid with your friends and make memories that will last a lifetime in Dubai? Well, we have got the answer, and just a heads up, it's more than one place.

Here's the lowdown on some must-hit summer spots that you need to check out in Dubai:

  • Wild Wadi Water Park
  • Dubai Aquarium and
  •  Underwater Zoo
  • Dubai’s Top Beaches
  • Dubai MallMuseum of the Future
  • Ski Dubai
  • Dubai Marina: The Exquisite Waterfront

  • 1. Wild Wadi Water Park with XO Habeebti All Black Sunglasses

    We're kicking it off with the ultimate vibe spot: Wild Wadi Water Park, right by the iconic Burj-Al-Arab! The go-to place in Dubai during the searing summer days, it has everything you need.

    Wild Wadi Water Park

    We're talking shops, cafes, pools, and oh yeah, EPIC water slides and surf machines! 

    XO Habeebti All Black Sunglasses

    So, put on your SWEY XO Habeebti All black sunglasses to have unlimited fun and take the most stylish snaps at this amazing location. 


    2. Visit Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo with Visionary Black & Blue Sunglasses

    If you're all about that marine vibe, the Aquamarine and Underwater Zoo in Dubai is the place for you. Rock your freshest SWEY Visionary Black and Blue Sunglasses and get ready to be amazed by over 140 aquatic homies, from sharks to rays, dolphins to sea lions.

    Visionary Black & Blue Sunglasses

    Seriously, this spot will have you feeling like you just got a VIP pass to the ocean.

    Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

    The underwater zoo really makes you feel like you are right in the ocean swimming with those beautiful beasts.

    3. Experience Dubai’s Top Beaches with Visionary Black & Yellow Sunglasses  

    Home to some of the most beautiful and fun beaches, Dubai is a perfect place for you to spend your summer. Enjoy your favorite cuisines, take a nap on the soft sand, or enjoy a dive into the deep blue waters on Dubai’s beaches to have the time of your lives.

    Dubai’s Top Beaches

    From JBR to Kite Beach, Jumeirah to Umme Suqeim, these spots are each fun in their own way.  

    Visionary Black & Yellow Sunglasses

    Don't forget to flex in your Visionary Black and Yellow sunglasses while you're soaking up those beachy vibes and living your best life with all the beach activities! 

    4. Dubai Mall Never Disappoints with Cosmic Vision Black & Blue Sunglasses

    Dubai Mall is where culture and traditions meet modernity. With over 1200 stores, it's like a whole vibe of inclusivity and diversity under one roof. Name any high-end brand and you will find its outlet in the mall of Dubai.

    Dubai Mall

    But wait, there's more! You ain't seen nothing until you've caught that fountain show at the mall.

    Cosmic Vision Black & Blue Sunglasses

    So, rock your SWEY Cosmic Vision Black and Blue Sunglasses and get ready to vibe out at the Dubai Mall and have endless fun with style.


    5. Dubai Museum of the Future with Wild Child Black & Blue Sunglasses

    Another fun spot to head to is Dubai’s Museum of the Future. Get ready to see the UAE from an entirely different perspective inside this wonderful museum. An experience that you will not forget any time soon.

    Dubai Museum of the Future

    Seven floors of straight-up awesomeness, each with its own disticnt theme – space, climate change, art, tech, you name it! 

    Wild Child Black & Blue Sunglasses

    This place is a feast for the eyes. Take your classic Wild Child Black and Blue sunglasses with you while you explore this fun spot to double the hype and fun!


    6. Ski Dubai with Wild Child Cinnamon Sunglasses

    To escape that Dubai heat and level up your adventure game, head to the artificial snow world in the Mall of Emirates! Ski Dubai is where it's at for all the chill vibes and endless fun activities.

    Ski Dubai

    Skiing, snowboarding, zip lining, chairlift rides – you name it, Ski Dubai's got you covered! 

    Wild Child Cinnamon Sunglasses

    As the first-ever Indoor Ski resort in the Middle East, it's gonna make your summer one for the books. So, slide into this winter wonderland in style with your SWEY Wild Child Cinnamon sunglasses and have fun.


    7. Dubai Marina: The Exquisite Waterfront with Cypher 2.0 Grey Sunglasses

    Dubai Marina has been voted among the 50 coolest neighborhoods in the entire world according to the global editors of the Time Out. Why? Well, the answer is very simple. This spot is a blend of beachy landscapes and a cheerful community vibe.

    Dubai Marina: The Exquisite Waterfront

    With that dope waterfront view, sky-high skyline, bomb restaurants, and all fun water activities, it's gonna level up your vacation instantly.

    Cypher 2.0 Grey Sunglasses

    And don't forget to bring your fave SWEY Cypher 2.0 Grey Sunglasses for that extra swag factor!



    Believe it or not, Dubai is the place to be in the summer. With fun beaches, waterparks, ski parks, malls, and restaurants, it is the ultimate spot to chillax and beat that summer heat.

    When out on a sunny beach in summer, having stylish but high-quality sunglasses by your side is a must. With these sunglasses, you get to take great photos while giving your eyes the protection they need.

    If you are planning to explore Dubai this summer, we suggest you give the above destinations a go. They're straight-up scenic with activities that'll have you living your best life! 

    So, make your next summer vacation a blast by visiting some of the coolest vacation spots mentioned above and have endless fun.

    Visit us at SWEY to buy premium quality sunglasses to take with you on your next summer getaway.  


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