the collective

We are SWEY Collective. In addition to quality eyewear, we want to bring to life our own vision of community.

We communicate through immersive cultural experiences rooted in art, fashion and music, which leave a lasting impression in the minds of the public.

 We see you.


SWEY Collective made headlines in Sole DXB - quite literally. We brought to life the SWEY NEWSSTAND, an immersive retail concept inspired by New York subway newsstands.

With satiric tabloids, newspapers and comics, festival attendees got up close and personal with our disruptive persona, leaving no doubt that SWEY is the new wave of high quality eyewear. In addition to creating an innovative consumer experience, we also dropped our new  AIN Collection, which takes inspiration from the colors of Dubai to create vibrant and modern shades.

Alserkal Pop Up

SWEY is where creativity, culture and arts can be found. With that in mind, we opened doors to our 6 month pop up at Alserkal Avenue.

The space takes inspiration from a grunge, brutalistic aesthetic, located within a refurbished second-hand container. A true embodiment of the brand’s persona, the pop up store aims to bring to life a raw and bold environment, where the creative community can gather to experiment with the SWEY point of view.

The World's Most Expensive Baqala

SWEY is born and bred in the UAE, so for the inaugural edition of Bred Abu Dhabi, we brought to life our very own baqala. Our creativity is fueled by Areej juice and Chips Oman, they brought us to where we are. This art installation, however, had our signature twist.

All your everyday items were illustrated with satirical collaborations with major pop culture celebrities, inflating prices, and leaving those with keen eyes questioning consumerism and celebrity culture.

The new wave

Analog Room has been swaying the music scene in Dubai since its inception. The underground dance music venue fosters homegrown and worldwide talent, being a pillar in constructing culture in the region.

We partnered with Analog Room, bringing major regional dance music names together, such as SATWA 3000, Hani J, Shemroon and Brown Panda, for an iconic night.

SWEY x Karak Nights

The union of two homegrown brands.

The SWEY x Karak Nights special edition sunglasses were about bringing together concepts that represent the creative movement that has been brewing within the region.

Karak Nights has brought something fresh to the scene through their podcast and events, which capture stories from regional talent. The sold out collaboration is a representation of what SWEY is all about: an avenue where high-quality eyewear gives visibility to the new wave of creative expression.